Rise Artists: Yusuke Araki & Alastair T. Willey.
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I was invited to join Rise Art today, and was inspired by two artists in particular.
Yusuke Araki
Yusuki says of his drawings:
"Line is all linking. Please imagine the line is string. When you pick the string, it seems to be one hoop."

When the image is viewed up close, the individual lines are evident, and the line is continuous.
I am interested in the finite yet boundless properties of Yusuke Araki's drawings.

Repetitive drawing has the potential to look laboured, but these drawings look expressive and organic.
Alastair T. Willey
Alastair's work could be compared to the impossible shapes imagined by M. C. Escher.
Escher experimented with optical illusions and the illustration of the Möbius strip, to create a seemingly finite yet boundless shape.

Alastair takes photographs on a 35mm film, and processes the images digitally. These works are compared to follies: the images look like architecture but have no architectural use.
Nick Kaplony says of Alastairs work:
"I love how these images compact and overlay architectural fragments into forms which are reminiscent of microscopic or molecular structures."
I can see what Nick Kaplony means, the geometric clustered nature of these images look like they could be 3-dimensional interpretations of molecular diagrams.
It's interesting that by creating digital architectural-looking 2-dimensional sculptures, the artist has evoked molecular structure as well.

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