Jane Thomas - Soap Bubble Experimentation
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When researching the soap bubble photographs of Richard Heeks, I came across another artist specializing in the art of bubbles; Jane Thomas.
Whilst writing this blog, I have come across many artists who have used soap bubbles in their work and each artist has shed some light on the way soap bubbles behave in different situations.
In this video that Jane has uploaded to her Flickr, you can see how soap bubble mixture moves around within a fixed frame.

Jane Thomas' flickr profile has some delightful psychadelic-looking images of soap bubbles that are unique to her own style of processing.

Jane is so interested by the images that soap films create, she has opened a soap films flickr group where members can submit their own pictures of soap films. There are 547 photographs submitted to the group, and each photograph is different.
Jane is also a member of The Physics Classroom flickr group, which is a collection of photographs which relate to The Physics Classroom website. The Physics Classroom website is particularly good for refreshing knowledge on basic physics, but provides a good set of tutorials which could be altered for artistic merit!

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