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I find it interesting, that the creator of these beautiful ceramic vessels has a bachelors degree in biology. At first, I thought the close-up of the earthenware was a photograph taken from a microscope.
I follow a microscopic photography blog called Under The Microscope on Tumblr, and there are some images which bear a resemblance to the surface paintings of these works.

I am fascinated by the universality of circular forms from micro-organisms to huge planets, so the work of Mark Goudy really stood out to me.
The way that Mark Goudy achieves the surface pattern on his ceramic creations is also quite interesting.
Goudy paints on water-soluble metal salts.
Water soluble metal salts are elementally simpler than glazes, and are usually composed of nitrate, chloride and sulphate forms of metals, which dissolve inwater.
However, this method is used very rarely by ceramicists and requires a high level of skill, a good knowledge of chemistry and lots of experience to create something this attractive. If that wasn't enough, these water soluble metal salts are highly toxic!
Another artist who uses water-soluble metal salts is Gary Holt who provides a wealth of information on how to use these chemicals successfully. Check out Ceramic Arts Daily for tips.

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