Ito Hirotoshi - Pleasure Of Paradox
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Ito Hirotoshi studied at Tokyo University Of The Arts and was then destined to take over from the family business in masonry.
From here, Ito began to experiment with materials in his spare time and took on a few metalwork courses to expand his knowledge.
The result of Ito's art education and material knowledge has resulted in these strange stone sculptures.
Ito Hirotoshi's aim is to "soften" the reputation of stone as a material, by introducing more human counterparts and manipulating the curves of each rock.
The interesting aspect of these sculptures for me, is that Ito Hirotoshi has taken a raw material straight from the landscape (stones taken from a river bank), and transformed the material in to a product of his own imagination.
To find out more, please visit Ito Hirotoshi's flickr and The Coilhouse Blog.

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