Laser Cutting & Photography Studios At Fred Aldous, Manchester.
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Ihave been visiting the Fred Aldous shop in Manchester for years, as it is a usefulresource for any art student. The shop seems to shift every time thatI visit, and since coming back from studying in Leeds, I noticed thata new floor has been utilised for laser cutting and photographystudios.
In university, I was able to use the laser-cutting machine at Leeds College Of Art. I was assisted by workshop technicians, and the machine was quite an old model. My experience of using the Fred Aldous laser cutting machine was much better. I was taught to process my designs on the computer and then taught how to operate the new machine. After I took down instructions, I was then left to my own devices which meant I felt confident about cutting all of my designs on my own.I wanted to use special coloured acrylic mirror for my designs, so I had to source those myself. I purchased my 3mm acrylic sheet from the Sheet Plastics shop on ebay. Thanks to my visit to the laser-cutting studio at Fred Aldous, I now feel confident about seeing my designs through from start to finish. This kind of freedom as a young artist is invaluable.

My designs, laser-cut and photographed in the studios at Fred Aldous.
You can buy my designs at the Folksy shop Ethyl.
For the past 3 months, I have been the Artist In Residence at Nexus Art Cafe and I was given a studio to work in. I must admit, I found it a little difficult to create decent work without all the facilities that an art college provides, so having access to the photography studios in Fred Aldous was really useful.
I arrived at the photography studio with objects to photograph and was provided with lighting, a wide choice of cameras and an experienced photographer to help me with my ideas. On my day in the studio, I wanted to photograph the colours and shapes inside a soap film, and I was provided with some great tips to help me.
Soap film, photographed at the Fred Aldous photography studio.
Overall, I think the studios at Fred Aldous are a great resource to any artist and designer that wants to produce professional looking work for little cost.

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