The Logarithmic Spiral
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On this blog, I have made a few entries concerning Fibonacci.
Fibonacci is a series of numbers which can be used to construct a golden spiral, which is only one type of logarithmic spiral.
A golden spiral adheres to the golden ratio, which has been used in art for centuries.
The most famous artist who uses the golden ratio within their work is of course, Leonardo Da Vinci seen here in his most famous work, The (tiny) Mona Lisa.
(Yep, I went there...)
I just wanted to make this entry to show how evident the Spira Mirabilis (miraculous spiral) is within the natural world.

The last image you see here, is part of the the fascinating Mandelbrot set, which is a series of fractals which reveals infinite self-similarity. I.E. If you continually "zoom in" on a feature of the mandelbrot set, you will eventually end up looking at the same image you started with, and so the pattern will continue.
This is the best video I have found to illustrate the Mandelbrot set:

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