Visit: The Wellcome Collection - 04 October 2011
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As part of my MA Art and Science programme, we were able to have a detailed tour around the Wellcome Collection and in the Wellcome Libary.
I was at first astounded at the amount of the online resources that the Wellcome Collection provides, there is a Wellcome Film youtube channel which has over 300 videos uploaded.
There is also a huge database of images on the Wellcome Images site, which has a great selection of anatomical drawings, illustrative diagrams, lithograph prints, scientific photographs and much more!
Here are some things I personally found interesting on the tour:

BBC Source
This is an exhibited created by Gunther Von Haagen, it is a very thin slice of a human body, plastinated in the typical Haagen way.I was particularly interested in the curious way the slice has been presented, between two pieces of glass in a suitably clinical way.
This exhibit is the "Library Of The Genome", a publication of a human DNA sequence. The books you see here contain 3 Billion characters (genetic bases) which have been printed and published in to a volume of books. Apparently, to recite the sequence character by character would take approximately 56 years!To think that each human has a completely different DNA sequence is mind-blowing.
It was also interesting to learn that Henry Wellcome preferred to display his collection in a Darwinian style, laying out each specimen side by side.
Other things that caught my imagination include:
- Death Masks that were carved while they were still on a tree, so that "tree spirits" could animate the face.It's interesting that nature has been allowed to alter the work.
- Hair used to illustrate weeping willows inside a piece of mourning jewellery.
- Anatomical Flip-Diagrams which can be found on the Digitised Collections.

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