Richard Heeks - Soap Bubble Photographs
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Over the past year, I have been becoming increasingly interested in soap bubbles, and it seems like I am not the only one.
In writing this blog, I have come across many artists using soap bubbles in their work and each artist finds something unique about the soap bubble that they focus upon.
Richard Heeks has been taking photographs of bubbles for years...
"While watching my nieces play with soap bubbles in the summer of 2008, I suddenly realized how beautiful these fragile spheres are, how they continually change the colors around them and how their surfaces reflect their surroundings. For weeks afterwards, I played with soap bubble photography, trying to understand these reflections and capture them with my camera."
Unfortunately, I don't have permission to publish any of Richard Heeks photographs on this blog, but you can view some amazing bubble photographs on his profile at Red Bubble and Flickr.
I am particularly intrigued by this particular shot of a soap bubble, which looks like an alien planet landscape. Heeks has compared the refraction of light through the bubbles surface, to light passing through the Earths' atmosphere.

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