Shikai Tseng
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On the blog, Thinking Through Things I discovered an artist called Shikai Tseng who has just graduated from MA Design Products at The Royal College Of Art.
Tseng says:
"PhotoGraphy" project is the creation of a process in which the environment, time and light react to each other and generate images on three-dimensional objects. The 1st series is about coating objects with a "light-sensitive" layer, put in a black box with strategically placed pinholes, and exposed for 5 to 50 minutes depending on the brightness of the environment. It is a new way to capture a moment in time, no matter whether the image on the object is focused or losing focus � the object will carry the trace of its first moments of experience, its first exposure."
As an artist, I have been experimenting with different photogram techniques and have explored the V & A Shadow Catchers exhibition with great interest. Camera-less photography is something that really captures my imagination, so I am pleased to see natural light-exposure being used in sculpture.

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