Daniel Rozin - Dark Matters, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
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This weekend I went to visit my home city of Manchester, and was intrigued by the title of the exhibition "Dark Matters" at The Whitworth Art Gallery.
I have just finished reading "The 4% Universe" by Richard Panek which explores the idea of dark matter and dark energy within our universe.
The artist Daniel Rozin absolutely steals the show as the first "Dark Matters" exhibit you see on entering, is "Snow Mirror". Silk thread hangs from the ceiling and gives the impression of pretty fairy lights, it is only when you face the installation that you see yourself mirrored in the thread.
I was impressed to say the least, but my mind was blown to pieces when I saw "Peg Mirror" in the next room.

There is a camera placed in the centre of the "mirror", and the pegs oscillate to imitate the surroundings.
I can't begin to understand how Daniel Rozin has created these amazing installations, and for that reason I am absolutely fascinated with them.
If you're in Manchester before the 15th of January 2012, you should definitely check out this exhibition! If not, check out Daniel Rozin's website.

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