Design: Living In Your Own Bubble
0 comment Thursday, May 15, 2014 |

During my career as an artist, I have been interested in soap bubbles. They behave strangely; clustering together, floating upon air, merging in to one another, stably growing to large sizes, shimmering iridescently.
Soap bubbles are intriguing and it is clear from my research upon other artists that I am not alone in my interest.
Today, for example, I have discovered Pierre Stephane Dumas who has created a bubble tent designed to make the most of any landscape. The tent boasts 360� panoramic views, which can then be concealed for the privacy of the camper at any time.
The most attractive qualities of the soap bubble have been exploited, the transparency allows for a complete view of the landscape and the elegant dome shape provides protection from the elements. Fortunately, this bubble also allows for fresh air to travel in and out of the tent and does not pop from interaction with a human finger!

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