The Golden Ratio: Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester
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Yesterday marked the opening of The Golden Ratio exhibition at Nexus Art Cafe, curated by Hannah Mosley in association with the Manchester Science Festival.
The exhibition runs until the 20th of November 2011, and there are some great works on display.
Photograph: David Lowther
This is a sculpture which holds a webcam in which participants can talk to viewers by Skype. The sculpture has been designed by Bess Martin who studies Contemporary Art Practices at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Mini asteroids at the entrance of Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester, UK.

A collection of knitted microbes.
I was able to display some of my own work within the exhibition, thus concluding my residency at Nexus Art Cafe.

I chose to display my work themed on transience and fragility, showing work which I had made using soap bubbles and eggs.
Today I leave Manchester to study MA Art & Science at Central St Martins in London, thanks to Nexus for providing me a studio to use between universities!

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