I Have Panic Attacks When I Think About Eternity
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Post Secret
When I was a young girl, I was introduced to the concept of endless time and space, and this used to give me panic attacks.
Subsequently, I blocked out my thoughts about infinity, and it was only in the Summer of 2010 when I confronted my fears through reading "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, and felt comforted that some scientists believe that the universe and time itself, is bent. Finite yet boundless.
"The question that has occurred to all of us at some point is what would happen if you travelled out to the edge of the universe?
What would you find beyond?
The answer disappointingly, is that you can never get to the edge of the universe. That's not because it would take too long to get there, because it would take too long to get there, though of course it would - but because even if you travelled outward and outward in a straight line, indefinitely and pugnaciously, you would never come at and outer boundary. Instead, you would come back to where you began (at which point, presumably, you would rather lose heart and give up).
The reason for this is that the universe bends in a way we can't adequately imagine, in a conformance with Einsteins theory of relativity.
For the moment it is enough to know that we are not adrift in some large, ever expanding bubble. Rather, space curves in a way that allows it to be boundless yet finite"
As I started to use these concepts in my art practice, people came forward to say that they too had suffered anxiety and panic from thinking about the infinite.
This Post Secret is great, as it illustrates that troubling thoughts of infinity are universal, and can manifest in pure creative gesture.

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