Pery Burge - Ink & Macro
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I stumbled across the artist Pery Burge on Alicia Talikowska's Tumblr page.
Pery Burge takes macro photographs of ink and produces absolutely stunning results.

"I Looked In To The Time Vortex"

"Cellular Cosmos"

"Apples And Bubbles"

"Solar Echoes"

"Marble Bubbles"
"Time Portal"

"Yellow Meander"
The colours and abstract flourishes are visually striking and the artist has added names to the pictures to create a whole new dimension of imagination.
For example, the name "Yellow Meander" turns the marbling ink pattern into a strange, beautifully coloured landscape. Different processes create new formations, similar to formations we see in the natural world.
However, the nature of the process adds another layer of interest, at first glance, these images could be finely layered abstract paintings. However, as these are macro photographs of ink in movement, it is unlikely you will ever get the composition exactly the same, ever again.
Each photograph is a moment, never to be captured exactly as before.
The spirit of experimentation in this way, is something that is very much in keeping with this blog. Artists and scientists are both keen experimenters.
Nice work, Pery!

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