Yellowstone National Park: Morning Glory Pool
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Yellowstone National Park has been of interest to me since I read A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Yellowstone National Park is a site of incredible volcanic activity which is well documented by WorldOfArun on Flickr.
The photostream shows fabulous pictures of geysers, sinkholes and surreal landscapes, but the jewel of his Wonders Of Yellowstone set is this stunning photograph of the Morning Glory Pool.
"Its colours are because of the existence of heat-thriving bacteria making a stunning display of hues. The delicate blue water is created by thermophilic bacteria, which thrive in the pool�s searing heat.Over the years people threw coins, bottles and trash in the pool, reducing its flow and causing the red and orange bacteria to creep in from its edge, replacing the blue bacteria that thrive in the hotter water at the centre of the pool!"

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This is beautiful! The colours are incredible

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