Amie Siegel
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Today, I was drawn to the work of Amie Siegel , in particular the series of photographs in which holes seem to have been burnt out.
On further research, I found that these photographs are in fact stills from her film Black Moon.

"Black Moon / Hole Punches" (is) derived from the hole punches, or black moons, typically cut by the motion picture laboratory into the first frame of action in film negative. Always left out of the final edited film, these hole punches appear in Siegel´┐Żs prints as imperfect black disks or voids cut out of film frames. They are evocative of lunar phases, yet strangely violent in their intercession into the otherwise smooth picture plane." source.
In other words, this "black moon" phenomena is due to a fault in the film. The artist embraces the fault and uses it to her own ends.
The motion-picture film in its entirety explores a post-apocalyptic landscape and the concept of a world with no future. For me, the gaping void in each film still add to the feeling of hopelessness and absence.

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