Dev Harlan - Projection & Geometric Sculptures
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Dev Harlan has combined sculpture and projection to create these fantastic installations.The sculptures that Harlan creates are both virtual and physical, 2-dimensional yet 3-dimensional.

Dev Harlan - "Parmenides I", 2011 from Dev Harlan on Vimeo.
Harlan experiments with interesting geometric shapes, including the penrose triangle.
The penrose triangle is used in Dev Harlan's work as the artist is inspired by the importance of alignment.
To view the penrose triangle as intended, you must face the sculpture head on.
Facing the sculpture from any other angle, you will not benefit from the illusion. Here is a photograph of a penrose triangle sculpture in East Perth, Australia, viewed from the "wrong" angle.

The artist likens the alignment of the sculpture and viewer, to alignment of planets. To view a full eclipse, we must be in exactly the right orbit for the moon to block light from our sun.
Harlan's multi-disciplinary approach as an artist is also mirrored in his interest in the sciences, exploring ideas of multi-dimensions, optical illusions and the orbits of our solar system.

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