Pierre Cordier - Chemigram
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Pierre Cordier is the inventor of the "Chemigram" and a Cliche Verre practitioner.Cordiers' definition of "Chemigram" means "to write with chemistry".
To make a Chemigram you would paint with various chemicals (Cordier used nail polish, egg, varnish, wax and oil amongst other materials), expose to light and then develop as usual.
(When using this technique myself, I found painting directly on to photosensitive paper to be problematic, as the developing chemicals get muddy. Painting on to a transparent material first would prevent this.)

The chemigram has such artistic potential, so many materials could be used to paint with.
Additionally, the painting does not need to be "stuck", a transparent container could be used to try lots of compositions with interesting chemicals.
The V & A has published a great video about Pierre Cordier and his invention, as he was part of the "Shadow Catchers" exhibition.

It is interesting to learn that though the photography world welcomed Cordier with open arms, he is still yet to be accepted as a painter.

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