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This week I have been in London for my degree show Tacit Knowledge being exhibited at Free Range in Brick Lane.
On the day of the show I had an hour spare, and was able to spend it at The Wellcome Collection. As I was only there for an hour, I was only able to see the permanent collection, but I was truly inspired by some of the art on show.
Here are some of the works that really grabbed me.

"Sense" by Annie Cattrel comprises of 5 resin blocks with seemingly abstract shapes suspended in resin. The 5 shapes correspond to the activity patterns of the human brain responding to the five senses. The idea is intriguing and has been executed well as these resin blocks are incredibly beautiful objects.

This is "Rhythms Of The Heart" by Chris Drury, who compares rocky mountain landscapes to shapes that can be found on an echo-cardiogram.
In the piece that is exhibited in the "Wellcome Collection", maps have also been woven in to the work. In this particular collection "Body As A Landscape", Drury worked with hospitals to collect his data and medical imagery.
Jelly Baby 3 by Mauro Perucchetti stood out to me as I had already seen these jelly baby figures at Marble Arch earlier that day.
The jelly babies are made out of polyurethane which has a beautiful glass like quality.
Polyurethane is made of many small, unstable urethane molecules in long chains which refers to the writing of DNA.
The permanent collection also allowed for gallery visitors to compare their face to other visitors. Unfortunately, my face did not match to anyone else on its system. Fantastic!
It's such a shame I was not able to stay for longer, but I will be back in London within the next few weeks for an open exhibition I am involved in, so I can schedule a whole day to explore.

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